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Koalas come from far and wide, heeding the call to uphold kindness, love, and joy.

The KOALA coin and Chronicles of the Smelly Koala is a community about kindness, love, and joy! The world is already in so much turmoil, a little silly fun can be the spark in the dark.

In the spirit of fairness, transparency, and good faith, please kindly spend only what you can afford to risk.

Most importantly, let us have fun and be happier people.

With Smelly Koala NFTs, you can:

  • Create a dream team to fight evil baddies and have a chance at earning some KOALA tokens! Head to to learn more and join the newest exciting battle game now.
  • Build your dream farm for koalas who produce requisition points and KOALA coins constantly to support your battle team.

With KOALA coins, you can:

  • Participate in the KOALA/WAX liquidity pool to get daily bonus KOALA coins.
  • Smelly Koala tools to enhance your Smelly Koala NFTs.
  • Buy in game farm supplies such as fertilizer and water.
  • Swap to WAX on Alcor Exchange swap pool.

Total Koala Coin Holders 38848


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