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There is always something happy happening in the World of Smelly Koala!

Shop for Smelly Koala NFTs to strengthen your battle team or Koala Coins to buy enhancements for your Smelly Koala NFTs.

There are two ways you can buy Smely Koala NFTs.
1) You can either select and buy from AtomicHub:
Buy Smelly Koala NFT

2) Or check out the latest featured drops and packs(consists of various cards and the chance to win better cards) at NeftyBlocks:
Buy Smelly Koala Featured Drops and Packs

⚠️ Beware of fakes. Always ensure the collection name is “smellykoalas”. Only Smelly Koala NFTs with HP and SF values at the bottom of the card are valid for activities. ⚠️

You can further enhance your Smelly Koala NFTs using tools.

Buy tools using KOALA coins at the Smelly Koala NFT Shop! 🎉

These tools will enhance either your total HP or SF for any of the competitions or activities, giving you additional advantages. FOREVER! 💪

⚠️ You NEED TO HAVE a Smelly Koala NFT before the tools work. Each Smelly Koala NFT supports a maximum of 2 tools. So if you have 3 Smelly Koala NFTs, you can use a maximum of 6 tools. ⚠️

Eucalyptus Spray adds 1 HP and costs 10 KOALA each. 🐨

Smelly Spray adds 1 SF and costs 10 KOALA each. 🐨

To buy, go to your wallet and send the exact amount of KOALA and memo to wallet “koalanftshop” 🛠

If you want to buy 1 Eucalyptus Spray, send 10 KOALA with the exact memo “espray”. 🛠

If you want to buy 1 Smelly Spray, send 10 KOALA with the exact memo “smellyspray”. 🛠

When the transaction is successful, you will find the tool NFT in your inventory. 👏

There is no need to do anything. As long as it is in your inventory and within the maximum limit of tools, it will be counted.

Pro tip! 💯

You can buy multiple tools. Simply send the correct amount of KOALA. For example, for 2 Smelly Spray, send 20 KOALA with the memo “smellyspray”. 🐨

How to blend?

  1. A number of common Smelly Koala NFT cards can be blended. You can check which ones on the Blends page.
  2. You need an Enlistment Notice which you can buy by sending 50 Koala Coins to wallet “koalanftshop” on the WAX blockchain with the memo “enlistment”
  3. With these 6 cards, proceed to the blending page to recruit your Veteran Smelly Koala! ( Your cards will be burned in exchange for the new one. )
    Blend and Recruit Your Veteran Koala

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