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Quality of Life Update 3 Feb 22

Use /bmsyncequipment@koalasnbot to force a total resync of equipment if needed

Quality of Life Update 27 Jan 22

1) Undefeated Baddie will escape after the 3rd cycle.
Example : Spawn , reminder, reminder, Despawn

Take note if a baddie escapes, all contribution will be lost.

2) Raid Success Timer reduced to 8 minutes.
Raid is meant to be played together with others. Plan with a few koalas and engage it together.

Big Changes Smelly Koala V2 15 Dec 21

I have been reimaging what SK can be like now that the code is a little more matured than we first started.
The idea of a circle economy always inspired me and I think it can add a level of fun and opportunity for more play style. What if you can be a FAK producer for players? Or a farmer producing supplies?

The new tokens KFARM / KBATTLE represents a step forward.
You will also be able to swap KC / KBATTLE / KFARM at prevailing swap rates (minus a small admin fee)

I also envision a more structured setup. While we may be on TG, that doesn’t mean it cannot enjoy focus. Hence as you can see, we now have a Treasure Vault, Battle Arena and more rooms to come.
You need not be in all always. Only go when you need to do something. Like enjoy some idle battle play.

Our original room https://t.me/cskdrops will be the core of our community. Main administrative functions will remain here. And goodies like Koala Coin producing Unkind Scrooge still spawn here.

I call it our new Town Hall.


Upcoming changes
– Farming will move to a new room.
– Farms will produce token KFARM instead of RP
– KC production remains.
– Farms will have a decay to be fixed by using KBATTLE

– Requisitions points will be retired in lieu of KFARM for buying of first aid kit etc, KBATTLE for repairs etc
– Battles will now earn only KBATTLE
– Koala Coins will still drop for Master of Koala Coin holders, Raid Master Success, and top loot roll situation during standard attack and healing

All RP will be converted to KFARM at a rate of 100 RP to 1KFARM

Quality of Life Update 26 Oct 21

You can now add your fertilizer / water / seeds / bricks and arrows NFT into a game without a total resync.

Use /bmaddutility@koalasnbot

You will see text confirmation of the item being added and you can then burn the NFT to save ram.

Major Feature Update 15 Nov 21


You can now stake 1 Koala Coin for 1 Farm Tree Space.

Trees are good because they produce In Game Currency and Koala Coin CONSTANTLY.

You can unstake anytime with a 3 days countdown. Trees space will be removed when you start the countdown.

If your trees exceed after you begin unstaking, extra trees will be removed starting from Pristine.

This is in beta so there may be adjustment / balancing.

Balance Update 11 Nov 21

Increased Koala Coin chance for Arrow and Brick
Increased maximum contribution for Arrow and Brick
Increase maximum attack for Arrow
Increase maximum repair for Brick

Fixed getting 20 contribution despite an unsuccessful hit.

Balance Update 6 Nov 21

Standard Battles Koala Coin loot occurrence increased by 10%.

Arrows now have a small chance of earning koala coins in Zombie Base Defense.

Bricks now have a small chance of earning koala coins in Zombie Base Defense.

Balance Update 5 Nov 21

New players will now have 20 First Aid Kits at the start to ease the learning curve.

Major Update 1 Nov 21

Zombie base defense can now be triggered by anyone.
However it is limited to once per hour so make sure you got a good team ready.

Feature and Balance Update 20 Oct 21

Introducing a premium automatic poop cleaning service. Poop will be automatically cleared when it reaches 75% for 50AP. Service fee is 10% of farm production.

/bmfarmpoopserviceon@koalasnbot – Turns on Koala Premium Poop Cleaning service.
/bmfarmpoopserviceoff@koalasnbot – Turns off Koala Premium Poop Cleaning service.

Farm balance – a full pristine farm will now give a bonus of -10% poop production due to the koalas’ love of the farm. They are less likely to anyhow poop now!

Balance Update 17 Oct 21

Koala Farm – Chopping now removes 5 withered trees at a go to help lost farms.

Balance Update 16 Oct 21

Zombie Base Defense – Zombies now deal 20% less damage in close combat.

Free Major Content Update 14 Oct 21

Raid masters can now trigger /bm@koalasnbot raid basedefense
Base defense is the new evolution of the Smelly Koala Battle Deck NFT Game. Team up with others to survive as long as you can. Every second counts as more koala coins are added to the rewards pool.
At the end of the experience, the rewards will be given out based on contribution. No more last hit or lucky hit!
Kindness Love Joy and Fairness!
( This raid does not award 1KC to raid master as there is not success criteria. You survive as long as you can and get more KC!)

Quality of Life Update – 12 Oct 21

/bmfarmcombo@koalasnbot – Creates fertilizer and water, 40AP

Balance Update – 10 Oct 21

Koalas produce much lesser poop now.
Increase poop threshold before production may be affected.
PVP now only requires 10 Action Points.

Balance Update – 6 Oct 21

Poop production has been reduced
Loots increased, especially for healing others
Adaptability strike has a 25% chance to miss

Balance Patch – 3 Oct 21

Farm RP production increased by more than 50%
HP passive recovery is faster by 25%
Adaptability strike on stronger players is now less punishing
Backstab possibility reduced by 20%
Defense Break possibility increased by 50%

Balance Patch – 29 Sep 21

Backstab (Heal Steal) rates are now lower.

Free Content Patch – 27 Sep 21

Legendary Vet Koala BattleMaster and Medical Specialists now reduce the number of first aid kits stolen due to their experience and expertise.

Legendary Vet Koala BattleMaster -1 Per NFT




So for example if you have 1 Legendary Vet and 1 Koala Medical Team, first aid kits stolen will be reduced by 4 each time.

Existing NFT holders please re-enlist /bm@koalasnbot enlist yourwallet.wam to activate.

Enhancement Patch – 23 Sep 21

Self healing and healing others now come with new choices of 30 kits and 50 kits.
This is to support strategic play against baddies that employ BACKSTAB.
(Do take note, calculation of actual kits used is only active on max healing. The numbered options will deduct full kits even if you are healing 1 hp. This is for code efficiency. Less checks results in faster response)
Healing code consolidated and improved. It should be more stable and responsive now.

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