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Dazed Liberty Koalas and a New Hope

This is a statement to address a discovered bug that affects unopened Smelly Koala New Hope Packs and Liberty Koala NFT holders.
Find below a fictional story to add this event into the World of Smelly Koala universe while the statement can be found further below.

. . .

It was a bright afternoon and Smelly Koala was wondering how he could bring more fun and joy to the community he loved so much.Smelly Koala working
“Packs!” He thought to himself and smile. With a chance of getting an epic card, it would be a great activity for everyone.
He immediately rushed back to his tree and worked hard on it. Being his first time, it was tough, and he read countless tutorials.

Later in the afternoon.

“Ok, this is the final step. This template will be the front cover of the pack.” Smelly Koala smiled as he selected Liberty Koala as the face of the pack. Liberty Koala was always an outstanding role model to him and it would be a great way to honor that!

The sun had set. Resting on a branch after a day of hard work, Smelly Koala was smiling. The community loved the packs and everyone was happy.

crying shy koalaSuddenly he heard frantic running!

A Shy Koala came running over in tears. “Smelly. Smelly Koala.” He quickly climbed down the tree and listened as Shy Koala told him about the nightmare that was happening.
There were many Liberty Koalas running amok all over the place. Somehow, they were different. As if something else had taken over them.
Right at this moment, Agent Koala appeared. “I sense some trouble in the community.” Smelly Koala quickly explained, as more frightened koalas could be seen running in the distance.

“I will get to the bottom of this.” With that, Agent Koala sprung into action and disappeared into the shadows.

It was close to midnight.

Smelly Koala and Agent Koala sat on the branch, looking through the list of pack buyers. There was something wrong with the face of the pack, and it affected all the Liberty Koalas. agent koala The only solution was to open the pack and it would free the Liberty Koalas from the curse. They counted 8 koalas who had unopened packs and 5 of them were from the nearby village.

In the dead of the night, Smelly Koala set out and posted posters appealing for the 3 unknown koalas to reach out. Determined to restore happiness to the community, he worked late into the night.

A bright light shone through his closed eyes.

Startled, Smelly Koala jumped onto his feet. It was 10 in the morning. He must have worked until he fell asleep.
He checked the Koala Mail and was grateful. 3 of the 5 had opened up the packs. Looking across the fields, he could see less chaos, as most of the dazed Liberty Koalas had recovered. determined smelly koala

Unfortunately, the remaining 5 koalas chose to remain unseen. No amount of posters or Koala Mails could help. Sorrow overwhelmed him.
Wiping off a tear, Smelly Koala set out into fields, determined to continue doing his best for the community he loved so much.

. . .

The New Home Pack was the first pack ever released by the Smelly Koala. It was tough, but he was determined. Unfortunately, a mistake was made for the template of the pack, causing it to appear exactly like an EPIC Liberty Koalas on AtomicHub. No effort was spared to right this wrong. Staying true to the vision of Smelly Koala on fairness and transparency, the full account can be found below.

Time since the discovery of the problem
00:00  Problem discovered by a responsible community member and made known to Smelly Koala.
00:30  Confirmed the pack template issue and sales was stopped immediately in the interest of the community.
01:30  Finalized recovery plan to right this wrong. Unopen packs remain in the hands of 8, of which 5 were identified. Attempts were made to contact the 5.
12:00  Of the 5 holders, 3 responded and opened the packs. Medal of Koala awarded for exemplary community spirit. 5 refused to respond/remain out of reach.

Final Status
1 Real Liberty Koala NFT remains
7 Bugged Liberty Koala Packs opened by responsible community members
12 Bugged Liberty Koala Packs remain

Going Forward
No more Liberty Koala NFT issued
Liberty Koala NFTs are not eligible for Smelly Koala activities to maintain fairness to the community
If you are holding a real Liberty Koala NFT or unknowingly bought from the secondary market a bugged pack thinking it was the real Liberty Koala NFT, go to and approach Smelly Koala or one of the Moderators for assistance. You will be given another EPIC Smelly Koala NFT as a replacement after confirmation of your eligibility for replacement.

⚠️If you are the holder of an unopened bugged pack, this is an appeal for you to kindly do the right thing in the interest of our koala community. Open the pack to make right an honest mistake. Thank you kindly.⚠️

To the beloved community, Smelly Koala loves you more than anything. He sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused and had spared no effort to make things right. It is important to admit to one’s mistake. We are not perfect. It is what we do after the mistake that reflects our integrity. In this case, no effort was spared to take action to fix it fairly and with full transparency.

Until next time,

Kindness, love, and joy.
Take care, stay safe and be well.

Smelly Koala.