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Liquidity Pool

koala liquidity pool

If you are a holder of KOALA coins, you can earn bonus KOALA coins by providing liquidity for KOALA/WAX using your KOALA coins and WAX at Alcor Exchange.

⚠️ If you are not sure what a Liquidity Pool is, ensure you watch this useful video first to understand the potential benefit and risk. ⚠️

Instructions for providing liquidity

1. Proceed to Alcor Exchange.

Provide liquidity at Alcor Exchange

2. Click on + Liquidity and add your desired amount of KOALA coins and the required WAX will be shown too.

3. Click on Provide Liquidity (To remove in the future, click on – Liquidity, choose the desired amount and click Withdraw.)

Instructions for registering for liquidity pool provider bonus

1. Proceed to the KOALA MASTER in charge of your bonus!

Bonus registration for KOALA/WAX liquidity pool providers

2. DO NOT click anything and scroll down until you see a field box and the Submit Transaction button.

3.Enter your WAX wallet address and click Submit Transaction.

4.All set! Every day, new KOALAs will join you as long as you continue to provide liquidity. The more liquidity you provide, the more KOALAs will be attracted to you. 🐨
(You only need to register once)

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