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More Than Meets the Eyes. Veterans to the Rescue!

After the Dazed Liberty Koalas were saved and back to normal, calm returned.dark times

But little did we know that the world has changed forever.

There was something lurking in the dark. A heavy presence that made itself known through a myriad of unhappiness that was becoming far too common for comfort.

Toys were stolen, leaving behind tears. Lovers quarreled as fake messages were sent sprouting mistrust.

More koalas were inflicted with the Dazed.

The local Smelly Koala headquarters was getting overwhelmed with the flood of reports coming in. Agent Koalas handled the severe ones while responsible community members responded to the rest.

As time passed, the situation became dire. tired agent koala

A Wise Koala remembered a time when similar things happened. But good prevailed and peace returned.

Without delay, it sent an enlistment notice back to Smelly Koala land, requesting the aid of veterans who had seen the evil and triumphed over it.


veteran koalas


How to blend?

  1. These common Smelly Koala NFT cards can be found in the “New Hope Pack”

    Buy A New Home Pack
  2. You can buy an Enlistment Notice by sending 50 Koala Coins to wallet “koalanftshop” with the memo “enlistment”
  3. With these 6 cards, proceed to the blending page to recruit your Veteran Smelly Koala! ( Your cards will be burned in exchange for the new one. )

    Blend and Recruit Your Veteran Koala